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Welcome Babies! Our infant room is where we have the pleasure of welcoming most of our families to Arbour Glen, and where we help you and your little one experience a gentle transition into this sometimes unknown territory.

Our top priority is to provide a nurturing environment that focuses on getting to know you and your baby and developing a meaningful relationship with them. Your baby remains on their own personal feeding, eating and sleeping schedule (if such a thing exists at this age!) when they arrive, which allows us as well to respond with sensitivity to your child's signals. Our Educators implement an emergent curriculum that reflects the interests of the infants, and encourages optimal growth in all areas of development. And of course, hugs and cuddles are always on the agenda!

But don’t think you’re going to miss out on the fun! We take lots of photos that document babies busy at play, and we record their milestones in a portfolio you’ll receive once your baby moves on to the Toddlers Group.  Each day, we post the exciting things we've been up to (here's an example), in addition to an individual write-up informing you of your baby's day. This includes their eating and sleeping particulars, and a special note to share something fun.  Our Educators take time to welcome you at the beginning of each day and hear about how your little one’s night went, and will give interesting updates, answer any questions, and provide other information again at pick-up times.

Before your baby officially starts with us, you will come in together for a visit to get to know our room and Educators, and so they can get to know you. Tell us everything! Does she prefer blue balls over red? Like his bananas mashed instead of sliced? We want to hear it all so we can make them (and you!) feel at home from the start. We also welcome any and every question and encourage you to call and check in as often as you'd like. We want you to feel connected.

Meet Our Infant Room Teachers

Our Infant room has up to 10 children, who are up to the age of 18 months, and 3 Registered Early Childhood Educators. Our Infant Team is:

Allison (RECE)

With Arbour Glen since 2006

"Have a connecting moment with a new child is really something special, and caring relationships with their families are wonderful."

Alicia (RECE)

With Arbour Glen since 2012

"Everyday, as we follow the lead of the child, exciting opportunities for learning present themselves and I find it inspiring and a delight to participate in. And of course, what better than to have a day so filled with hugs and cuddles!"

Chris (RECE)

With Arbour Glen since 2002

"I can't imagine a world without music, art, books, laughter, love, the great outdoors - I try to bring my love of these with me to Arbour Glen and share them with the children each day."

What Parents Say

When I picked up my little guy on one of his first days with Arbour Glen, Chris was singing him the ABC song, while he sat contentedly in her arms.  She said (happily!) that it was her tenth time singing it – she said she discovered in that moment, it was what gave him comfort.  It almost brought me to tears: knowing they will do anything to give him what he needed in that moment of sadness.  You really feel like your baby is the centre of their world – what more can a mom ask for?

Amazing women - they made the transition into daycare super smooth. They love my son, and vice versa!!

Thank you all for the passion you bring to work each day. Our son is very happy at Arbour Glen and he loves his teachers and all the great activities you organize for him.