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When your little one is about 18 months, they will transition to one of our Toddler rooms, where they will have the opportunity to explore their budding independence and enjoy some exciting new adventures.

Our focus here is on building self-confidence and security through developing warm relationships with both playmates and our caring Registered Early Childhood Educators in a loving and safe environment, where our children are comfortable to explore, learn and master new things. They will enjoy having a consistent yet flexible routine that gives them the security that Toddlers love. A typical day starts with the opportunity to participate in a creative art activity (finger-painting anyone?) or sensory experiences (let’s dig for dinosaurs!). Other fun includes sing-a-longs, story times, dramatic play, block play, puzzles, toys and general exploring of other materials that promote optimal development. We introduce basics like numeracy through counting games, literacy through stories, finger-plays and puppets, and discover other concepts such as nature, turn-taking, sharing and recognizing our feelings. Weather permitting, we’re outside to have more fun on our special toddler climber, in our sandbox cove or with our riding toys.

Following your child’s lead, our Educators will support their readiness for potty training as well. To ensure we have energy for all this fun, our toddlers have a mid-day nap after our lunch and story time.

Each day, you will receive a write-up about how your child ate, and a note about a special moment. We also create a portfolio that includes documentation of your child's emerging skills with samples of their artwork, some photos and other special mementos and milestones that is yours to keep when your little one moves up to one of our Preschool rooms.

Meet Our Toddler Room Teachers

At Arbour Glen, we have 2 Toddler Classrooms with up to 15 children between the ages of 18-30 months in each one, and 3 Registered Early Childhood Educators in each room. Our Toddler Team is:

Dawn (RECE)

With Arbour Glen: Since 1989 (And before that, Dawn was here when she was a child, and came back to teach!)

"Mornings are the greatest: when the children are so happy to see you. How special to get to start your day with lots of hugs!"


Kim (RECE)

With Arbour Glen since 2008

"I have a favourite moment that I hope repeats itself with every child I encounter: it’s that first time a child just needs some reassurance, and they crawl into my lap and I can give them that. The trust they have to accept that from me without question, is truly special."

Kalyssa (RECE)

With Arbour Glens since 2012

"I love singing songs with the children, especially the song “If there’s anyone here named ____”. When they stand up and blow kisses at that point in the song, they get so excited – it’s so fun to watch!"


Kristy (RECE)

With Arbour Glen since 2001

"I love anything messy! Mud Day was my favourite - it was super fun, but especially great to see the apprehensive children get really into the activity."



Tamie Lynn (RECE)

With Arbour Glen since 2012

"It's always wonderful to learn how each child uniquely experiences things - how they create, the way they interact; it's so special to see things through their eyes and help them each learn and develop through those unique perspectives."

Lorna (RECE)

With Arbour Glen since 2014, ECE since 1989

"Seeing the smiles on a child's face after they accomplish something is just priceless! I love doing the keepsake crafts as well - a handprint or a footprint, to capture that moment in time."

What Parents Say

I was bathing my son one evening when he was around 2, and he was playing with these foam block letters. Suddenly, he started singing the alphabet - the whole thing, correctly!! I started freaking out, calling for my husband to get the camera, while my little guy sat amused at my reaction. :) He learned that at Arbour Glen - something that I would have thought beyond a 2 year old's abilities! The teachers are special people: they really bring out your child's potential, which is often so much greater than you might expect.

We feel so fortunate to have our children at Arbour Glen! The staff feels like an extension of our family. You truly are a group of gifted people. Thank you for what you do every day!

We have had a wonderful experience at Arbour Glen. We leave our children there, confident that they are safe, well cared for and loved. The staff at Arbour Glen is what makes the centre as amazing as it is. It doesn't feel like a big 'centre', but a second home for our kids, with caregivers who really care.