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Exciting new challenges and lots of fun adventures! That’s what your child will enjoy when around two and a half, they move to one of our Preschool rooms.

Here, our educators plan an environment that invites opportunities for free choices for your child to continue on their journey of building self-esteem, enhancing their social, emotional and physical well-being, as well as developing their thinking skills to plan, problem-solve, negotiate and evaluate through play. Literacy and numeracy are also strong components of our program. You child will learn the skills that will set a solid foundation for their future successes, and make the transition to big kid school as seamless and easy as possible.

Not only that, but we love to expand our exploring beyond our cool classrooms and great play yard! We take neighbourhood walks to search for signs of spring, and enjoy field trips to local spots like Storybook Gardens and Farmer Jack's Apply Orchard. In the summer, we have a special outdoor program under our sugar maples in our playground to take advantage of the beautiful weather. We pull out our pools for splashing, dig for treasures in our sandbox, ride bikes and have fun on our unique climber. Once a month, we visit Kensington Village Seniors' Home on Huron Street to sing songs and chat with residents, where it's hard to tell who is having more fun! To stay energized for our busy days, our children rest their bodies or take a nap after a nutritious and delicious hot lunch each day. An "awake room" is also offered for those who are transitioning out of nap time.

When your child leaves Arbour Glen, you will receive a portfolio that includes their beautiful artwork, documentation of their emerging skills, photos and other special mementos and milestones from their time with us. They will take this, along with lasting friendships, wonderful memories, and the strength of character and confidence that their time at Arbour Glen helped to foster on that next big step. And remember to come back and visit! Warm hugs will always be waiting for them from their teachers and friends at Arbour Glen.

Meet Our Preschool Room Teachers

At Arbour Glen, we have 2 Preschool classrooms with up to 16 children between 30 months and 5 years in each, and 2 Registered Early Childhood Educators in each room. Our Preschool teaching team is:

Barb, RECE

With Arbour Glen: Since 2000

"After coming back from vacation, we brought back some pixie dust ‘from Tinkerbell’, which was only to be used on birthdays for a special, magical wish. When we use it, the look of awe and excitement on their faces is something I’ll never forget!"

Charlene, RECE

With Arbour Glen Since 1990

"Whether through puppet shows, picture books or storytelling, I love watching the expressions of wonder and excitement on the children's faces as a tale reaches it's conclusion."


Tanya, RECE

With Arbour Glen Since 2012, RECE Since 2002

"I love making that special connection with each child - the moment where you know they see you as a trusted friend, a loving caregiver, and a person that rejoices in their growth and learning."


Tara, RECE

With Arbour Glen: Since 1997

"I really enjoy taking the children to Kensington Village, and many of my favourite moments are when children who have graduated from Arbour Glen return to update us on how they’re doing and what they’re up to now."

What Our Parents Say


I would highly recommend Arbour Glen. The caregivers are amazing. I never had to worry about my children. They were always well cared for, as the caregivers really do care. They are a wonderful team.


Everyday after I dropped my son off, he would wave at me from the 'waving window' as I walked to my car. One day, I had something on my mind and forgot to wave. Not getting farther than out of the driveway, I realized I forgot and knowing it would worry him, I thought I'd go back and give him a quick hug. When I got back and to his room, I had a peek before he noticed me and although he was upset, his teacher was on her knees with him folded in her arms, telling him about how much mommy loves him, and all the fun things they were going to do that day. Although I was able to go back for an extra hug and wave that day, it made me feel so good knowing that the times when I wasn't there to hug him, he was getting every moment of love and attention from people who care for him so much. Arbour Glen teachers are truly special people we are so fortunate to have in our lives!


Arbour Glen truly feels like an extension of our family. we couldn't ask for a better place for our daughter.